About Cortec

Founded in 1997, Cortec Enterprises LLC is a world-class custom magnetic toroidal manufacturer. Cortec designs and builds high-quality transformers, inductors, chokes or any variation thereof, at highly competitive prices.

Located just outside Minneapolis, MN, Cortec is a privately held company that is family owned and operated. Originally founded by Jim Wells, the company is now run by his son, Brian Wells. As company president, Brian has firmly established his expertise in the industry and currently serves on the board of the TTA – The Transformer Association.

At Cortec, we strive to build long-term business relationships by providing our clients with the highest level of customer service. We are a total solutions provider with value-added manufacturing capabilities. Cortec provides just-in-time solutions for some of the most demanding applications for over 50 companies, ranging in size from $5 million to over $6 billion in sales.

What others say about us

Cortec succeeded after one try whereas others, after one year, still couldn’t get it right.

Government Contractor$10 million company

We traveled around the world trying to find someone to wind a complex toroid. We found that capability at Cortec.

Large Conglomerate$1 billion company

We sent our engineer on site at 8 AM and by 8 PM we had a working sample of a very complex segment wind. Cortec dedicated an operator and machine, as well as special fixturing support, as we developed.

Computer Parts Manufacturer$6 billion company

I can’t possibly put into words the heartfelt gratitude I have for the often-times incredible, if not miraculous, support you provided over time, always at a high level. You have made my job much more manageable, and our company is better because of your efforts. Many thanks!

Electronics CompanyContract Manufacturer

Cortec succeeded as an alternative source when our prime source couldn’t deliver a prototype transformer and allowed us to meet an early product release schedule.

Motion Control Manufacturer$100 million company

Cortec stepped in as our prime source to deliver hundreds of transformers after our original source announced it was unable to deliver our requirements for the next 3-5 months. We never missed a customer delivery.

Scoreboard Manufacturer$150 million company
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