Cortec is the industry leader in designing, building, and delivering highly accurate, efficient and cost-effective toroidal power products.

  • The Most Experience

    Cortec was the first in the industry to employ all programmable, state-of-the-art winding machines. The use of programmable winders allows us to ensure accuracy and repeatability. We have manufactured tens of thousands of transformers with an accuracy rate of +/- 0.

  • Unique Capabilities

    No other toroid manufacturer can match our total capabilities. We have developed proprietary software that enables us to design auto transformers quickly, easily, and efficiently. We consistently are able to do things that no one else can. In fact, 20% of our total workload is making toroids for other transformer manufacturers.

  • Quick Turnaround

    With our custom-designed quoting software, we can quickly give you the answers you need. Our proprietary manufacturing technology allows us to switch between projects within the span of 15 minutes. Once we’ve received inventory, we can provide you with a sample within 24 hours.

  • Cost-Effective Manufacturing

    Utilizing our winding machines, we are able to produce toroids cheaper than anyone, anywhere else in the world. We have completely eliminated the need to outsource our manufacturing capabilities. We can build your product in the U.S. for a very competitive price.

  • The Highest Performance

    Everything we build is optimized for your application. We maximize the core, the wire, the windings, and the insulation to your specifications. Your product is also 100% electrical tested before it goes out the door.

  • On Time Deliveries

    We source products from 5 different continents. If one of our suppliers develops a problem, we can quickly and easily obtain replacement parts without deviating from our delivery schedule. We can provide monthly, weekly, or daily deliveries to match your scheduling requirements.

  • Unparalleled Customer Service

    We work with customers every step of the way and we listen to what our clients have to say. 90% of the changes we make to products and to our internal procedures are based on customer recommendations. Similarly, we suggest alternatives to mounting, location, and wiring to make our customers’ production more efficient. We are always available for onsite customer feedback.