Installed Reliability

Electric Utility Company We were at a site visit with a customer and our sales representative mentioned that he was working with another customer nearby that was having trouble with their prototype transformer. So we decided to pay a quick visit to this customer. The customer in question, a supplier to an electric utility company, […]

Doing the Impossible

We received a phone call from an engineer at a computer processing development company who had found us on the internet. He needed a part built and all the other vendors he had tried had not been able to replicate the part. He sent us the specs and we sent him a prototype. He called […]

Improving Product Size & Performance

At Cortec, we optimize our designs to ensure optimum performance, especially when OD (outside diameter) dimensions are pushed to the limit. It’s easy to meet specifications if you can use a large core. The challenge is to optimize performance while using a smaller core. This is something at which we excel. We brought a new […]