Improving Product Size & Performance

At Cortec, we optimize our designs to ensure optimum performance, especially when OD (outside diameter) dimensions are pushed to the limit. It’s easy to meet specifications if you can use a large core. The challenge is to optimize performance while using a smaller core. This is something at which we excel.

We brought a new customer on board that had been having problems with their current vendor. The product design was terrible, and the fit and finish was even worse. We took 30 of their parts and put them through our process to optimize performance and size. After we shipped the parts, we visited the company and went through the installation process with them. We made a few suggestions and ultimately cut their production process by 50%.

We also take great pride in the appearance of all our products. When the client opens a cabinet to show one of their potential customers what the insides look like, our products stand out. It’s just part of our overall process.